New Heavenly Creations Pet Figurine Designs


Perfect Memorials, has added new Heavenly Creations Pet Figurine designs to their already expansive collection of pet memorial products. They have added 15 new designs to their highly rated Heavenly Creations Pet Figurine Collection and have plans on adding even more to this collection in the months to come.

These pet urns have been designed with the customer and their memorial needs for their pets in mind, as they are made with careful craftsmanship and Perfect Memorials feel they are the highest quality of figurine pet urns available. Not only are these urns of the uppermost quality but each breed specific urn is created to showcase the unique look and personality of that said breed.

German-Shepherd_PROne of the more popular designs that they offer is the German Shepard Cremation Urn. This urn represents an adult German Shepard lying on an oval base. The highly detailed German Shepard figurine atop the urn is alert, muscular and represents the noble spirit of the German Shepard. The base of this urn allows for 4 lines of engraving as well as artwork and poem options. It is also appropriately sized allowing for 150 cubic inches of cremains and special keepsakes to be added such as a collar or a favorite toy.

Many other breeds are offered in this line and Perfect Memorials knows you will find the perfect one that represents your beloved pet in the best way possible. The German Shepard Cremation Urn and the rest of the Heavenly Creations Pet Figurines Collection are available on their website starting at $34.95 with free shipping. Take the time to browse their website and find the perfect pet urn that will be a loving memorial to your faithful companion for years to come.

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A Sale for Father’s Day


Perfect Memorials is celebrating Fathers everywhere with their Father’s Day Sale. If you have been stumped on what to get Dad for Father’s Day, Perfect Memorials are helping you out with this fantastic sale. Whether you are looking for a keepsake for yourself or a loved one, or a gift for dear old Dad, they definitely have a selection of products on sale that they know you will be pleased with.

Some of the many products featured in the Father’s Day sale will include the Small Motorcycle Cremation Urn for $44.95, Dearest Dad Premium Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $69.95 and the Dad 44 Magnum Bullet Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $19.95. All of these products and the rest of the sale items will be featured in the Holiday Memorials Category of their website. Sale will begin 5/31 at 12:01AM CST and will continue on until 6/16 at 11:00PM CST. Use coupon code FATHERSDAY2016 at checkout to receive 5% off your order

We not only show appreciation for our Fathers once a year but every day of the year. Get them a gift from the heart that they can enjoy every day of the year for many years to come. If you no longer have a Father who is with you on this earth, Perfect Memorials invites you to take this as an opportunity to get yourself a keepsake to remind you that they are always with you in spirit.

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Swarovski Crystal Charms Now Available


Perfect Memorials has added another product to their repertoire of keepsakes and memorial products. Swarovski Crystal Charm Add-Ons are a new offering brought to you by Perfect Memorials that is ideal for adding that extra bit of flare to any cremation pendant.

These charms are rhodium plated sterling silver and the middle is adorned with a beautiful round Swarovski crystal that comes in a variety of colors. These charms allow you to add a stone to necklaces and pendants that do not already have one while being able to interchange the color as you please.

The Swarovski Crystal Charms are now available for purchase on the Perfect Memorials Website and are located within the Jewelry Category. These charms also make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their cremation jewelry or who want something small yet sparkly that will really make an impression.

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A Sale for Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a day where we remember those who have fought and those who have fallen while fighting. It is a day of honor and reverence, it is a solemn day. Perfect Memorials is paying tribute to the brave men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. They will be having a sale dedicated to these heroic individuals that will feature products that are ideal for memorialization and remembrance of those we have lost.

This sale will begin 5/23 at 12:01AM CST and will run through 5/30 at 11:00PM CST. Many wonderful products will be featured during this sale such as the Ebony Cross Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $22.95, My Brother My Friend Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $18.95 and the Engravable Motorcycle Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $22.95. We will also be having $7.77 flat rate shipping during the span of this sale. All of these products will be located in the Holiday Memorials Category of their website. Use coupon code MEMDAY2016 at checkout to receive 5% off of your entire order.

We will always remember our loved ones who are no longer with us and we will always be forever grateful for the time that they served for our country. Perfect Memorials is sure that you will find the perfect memorial keepsake within their Memorial Day Sale to help you keep and honor their spirit for years to come.

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Photo Inlay Bluestone Pet Marker


Perfect Memorials is excited to be offering a new line of ceramic photo plaques. Perfect Memorials currently offers 8 popular sizes of ceramic photo plaques and they are planning on expanding their repertoire of sizes in the near future. Their most exciting addition that incorporates the ceramic photo plaque is the Pet Grave Marker with Inlaid Photo Ceramic Tile.

These photo plaques are made from the highest quality materials that their research team has spent months testing to make sure the photo printing quality and the products durability is right on point. This product features a custom engraved bluestone marker with a ceramic photo plaque that is permanently bonded to the stone. Not only are these photo plaques of the finest and beautiful quality, they are also guaranteed for life against everyday traumas such as fading, deterioration and even vandalism.

This product is perfect for honoring your pet and giving them the memorial that they deserve. You will be able to forever display a photo of your beloved pet and keep their memory alive with you always.

Pet Grave Marker with Inlaid Photo Ceramic Tile is now available on the Perfect Memorials website starting at $149.95. These along with all other photo plaques ship at no additional charge. They know you will enjoy this bluestone marker as much as they enjoyed creating it! Perfect Memorials prides themselves in giving you products that fit your memorial needs and know that by adding this to their collection it will give you another wonderful product to choose from when keeping your memorial planning in mind.

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A Sale for Armed Forces Week


This week Perfect Memorials is celebrating the brave individuals who took part in the Armed Forces. They are paying tribute to the men and women of this organization by dedicating a week of sales in their honor. Whether you are in need of purchasing a keepsake to remember someone important in your life that you have lost or a gift for someone who has served in the Armed Forces, Perfect Memorials carries the perfect selection of these items.

This sale will begin at 12:01 AM CST on 5/14/16 and will go through 5/21/16 at 11:00 PM. There will be a variety of items on sale during this week such as the Gold Star Spangled Salute Dog Tag Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $22.95, American Flag Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $ 18.95 and the American Flag Porcelain Memorial Ornament for $14.95. These and all other keepsakes and cremation jewelry included in the sale will be featured in the Holiday Memorials category of their website.

As we get closer to Memorial Day we pay tribute and honor the ones who have fallen, the ones who are no longer with us and the ones who have done so much and fought so hard for our country. These individuals deserve this recognition not just once a year but each and every day. What a better way to show them this than by getting them a gift that comes from the heart, or getting a keepsake that reminds you of them always.

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May Deals Days


Perfect Memorials is kicking off the month of May with their May Deals Days. These deals are perfect for anyone and everyone who is looking for a keepsake or piece of cremation jewelry to honor the loss of someone special. Perfect Memorials always wants to give you the best deals and the most variety so that you are always able to find the perfect keepsake or memorial product to fit your needs.

These stellar deals will begin 5/1/16 at Midnight CST and go every day until 5/31/16 at 11pm CST. This sale will include items on sale such as the Blue And Gold Sparkle Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry, Mom In My Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry and their Sparkling Tear Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry.

Don’t delay! These deals will last all month long but they won’t last forever. Check out their website on the daily to see what new deals they have in store.

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A Sale for the Mothers


Perfect Memorials is taking the time to celebrate Mothers and Grandmothers everywhere by giving them the appreciation they deserve with their Mother’s Day Sale! This sale will feature items that can serve the purpose as a gift for our Mothers who are still with us or as keepsakes to remember the Mothers what we have lost along the way.

The sale will begin 4/25/16 at 12:01 AM CST and will run through 5/8/16 at 11:00 PM CST. Many beautiful keepsakes and memorial products will be featured during the sale such as the Dearest Mom Premium Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry, Whispers from Heaven Teal Wind Chime and the Summer Rose Brass Keepsake Cremation Urn. These products will be featured in the Holiday Memorials category of the Perfect Memorials website. Use coupon code MOMSDAY16 at checkout to receive 5% off your entire order.

When it comes to Mom, only the best will do. At Perfect Memorials, they know you will find something within their selection that is worthy of showing true homage and love to all Mothers and Grandmothers. This is day is all about them so let’s celebrate them in the best way possible and give them a gift they can cherish for years to come, or give ourselves a keepsake that will keep their memories with us for a lifetime.

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Environmentally Friendly EcoUrns



Have you been searching for a way to put your loved ones to rest while keeping the well-being of the environment in mind? Perfect Memorials is offering up a new Biodegradable Pillow EcoUrn that serves the purpose of biodegradable ground and water burial and will break down naturally once it hits the floor of any body of water. These urns are also the perfect means for scattering as they open easily to facilitate the scattering process. This new design of EcoUrn is available for purchase in various sizes and colors and also comes with the option of custom personalization and the choice of optional artwork.

With the environment being kept in mind, these biodegradable urns are fabricated by hand and manufactured from recycled earth-friendly materials such as tree bark and bamboo. The process used to create these beautiful pieces of artwork are centuries old and ensures the preservation of the environment.

The urns will be featured in a Earth Day Sale that will run April 12th through April 22nd and will be located in the Holiday Memorials Category of the Perfect Memorials website. Use coupon code EARTH2016 to receive 5% off your entire order. You will truly appreciate the unique beauty that these urns hold and the time that was put into making them. Come visit their website and take a look at what they have to offer and pick out the perfect biodegradable urn for your cremation needs.

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Pet Days Sale

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Pets love us unconditionally and bring us so much joy to our lives that the least we can do is honor them as much in death as we do in life. Perfect Memorials  wants to assist you in paying tribute to your beloved pets that have left this life by offering you their Pet Days Sale that is strictly dedicated to pet memorial products and jewelry.

This sale will run 4/8 at 12:01AM CST through 4/11 at 11PM CST and will be featured in the holiday memorials category. Use coupon code LOVEPETS16 at checkout to receive 5% off your order. Many beautifully crafted products will be featured during this sale such as the engravable Best Friends Cat Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry and the Small Paw Prints River Rock Stone.

Our pets mean the world to us and we mean the world to them. They are our best friends through thick and thin and when they pass it is truly devastating and hard to cope with. At Perfect Memorials they understand that form of devastation and want to make it easier for you by offering you these pet memorial products at a discount rate for the span of this sale. They are confident that you will find the perfect piece within these collections of urns, jewelry and stones to pay the most homage to your furry friend and keep them in your memories for years to come.

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