A Memorial Urn for a Hero Dog

Medium Rotating Memories Cremation Urn

Bruno was a police dog who had been trained to serve from the time he was very young. Like most German Shepherds, he was intelligent and hard-working, serving with a border patrol team for nearly ten years on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. His owner and handler saw him as not just a dog, but a partner and a friend as well. However, just before Bruno turned ten, tragedy struck on the border when Bruno was hit and killed by a man who was trying to flee from the border patrol in his van. In trying to protect his partner, this loyal dog gave his life in the line of duty.

Medium Photo Cube Rotating Cremation Urn

Grief stricken but knowing that he had to do the right thing in order to honor Bruno’s memory, his owner decided to buy a memorial urn for his partner’s ashes. After all, Bruno had been more than a dog, and he’d given his life to protect others, and the others on the force couldn’t bear to think of disposing of his body in some landfill. Instead, they kept the ashes and together they chose a memorial urn that best depicted how they felt about their fallen partner. The urn now sits in the border patrol main headquarters, in a place of honor in the main lobby. It features a photo of Bruno, the date of his birth and passing, and a brief passage written personally by his owner.

A memorial urn was the perfect way to remember Bruno and the sacrifice that he made, as well as allowing his partner and owner to have closure over his death. It is a long-lasting testament to a hero that no one on the force will ever forget and a way to let everyone who passes through the patrol’s offices to know about Bruno’s story and to remind them how much of an impact one pet can make on someone’s life.

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