Beautiful Embroidered Velvet Urn Bags



When we have an urn that contains our loved ones remains in our possession we want to make sure they are displayed tastefully and also protected. Perfect Memorials is offering Embroidered Velvet Urn Bags to ensure that all urns and their precious contents are displayed in and elegant manner and protected against the everyday wears and tears.

These bags come in different sizes and can include customized embroidery according to preference. They can be used to hold the ashes inside the urn or for the use of holding the urn itself. They also come in different colors so that you can find the perfect look and design of bag to house your urn in. Embroidery can vary from a poem or a name, an image or a monogram so that you can truly customize your bag. Included with the embroidered bags is a plastic bag for the purpose of holding the ashes in the velvet bag inside the urn.

These superbly embroidered bags start at a handsome price of $9.95 and range according to size up to $21.95. Come check out their website under the Embroidered Urn Bags category and see what they have to offer.

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A Gift from the Heart on Valentine’s Day











Are you stumped as to what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Are you looking for a gift that will both honor the life of someone lost and give yourself or someone else memories to cherish for years to come? Perfect Memorials is helping you out by kicking off the beginning of February with their Valentine’s Day Sale.

A range of products will be featured at a reduced price during the span of this sale. Some of the items featured will be their lovely Ebony Cross Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $19.95 and Solaro Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $18.95. Along with these, many other products will be on sale for an outstanding price. You can find these products in the Holiday Memorials Category of their website.

This sale will begin on February 1st and end on February 14th at 11pm CST. Flat rate shipping will be $9.99 for the duration of the sale. Use coupon code LOVEDAY16 at checkout for an extra 5% off your order.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love for someone special in your life, and what better way than getting them something that is sentimental in value and comes from the heart.

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Eco-Friendly Pet Burial







Losing a pet is not easy for any person or family. When a pet is with you for no matter how long, they become a valuable part of the family. When we lose them, we want a way to keep them in our memories and honor the good times and companionship that they offered us during their existence. Perfect Memorials understands that pets are family and should be remembered and honored as such.

Perfect Memorials, is now offering a new type of pet burial to our collection of memorial products. Paw Pods are the new eco- friendly and affordable way to pay honor to your beloved companion. These Paw Pods are derived from 100% recycled materials and include a sympathy card and seeded leaf. The seeded leaf can be buried along with the pod so that beautiful flowers will grow forever in your pet’s memory. This particular product ranges from $14.95-$139.95 and comes in an array of different styles.

You will fall in love with these Paw Pods and the intricate craftsmanship that went into making them. They were loyal to you during their living days, now you can rest easy knowing that you are honoring them in the best way possible by bringing them to their final resting place and keeping their memory alive while doing so.

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A Perfect Way to Honor Our Brave Veterans


In honor of Veteran’s Day (celebrating the service of all U.S. military veterans), Perfect Memorials has created a special Holiday Memorials category. These carefully selected Holiday Memorials will be on sale for a limited time only. Beginning October 27th through November 2nd only.

The Veteran’s Day Series features over 21 inspired quality keepsakes for lasting memories. The Holiday Memorials section includes cremation jewelry, picture frames, urns and other unique memorial products on sale for a limited time. We take pride in developing products that fill a void in various segments of the Memorials marketplace. That is why we are recognized as one of the most well-known companies for memorial products.

Perfect Memorials also takes a large amount pride in supporting organizations and foundations that help Veteran’s all over the country. In honor of Veteran’s Day, we have made a monetary donation to The Fisher House Foundation that helps military and their families. We encourage families to donate to this great cause directly on the Fisher House website.

In honoring our Veterans, is also offering an additional 5% off keepsakes when VETSBLOG15 coupon code is used at checkout. Coupon expires: 11/11/15.

Be sure to check out  our website here for hundreds of choices for memorial products.

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Beautiful Stuff For An Even More Beautiful Cause!

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calls For A Sale!

With only two days left for the breast cancer awareness month to start, Perfect Memorials is all set to celebrate the entire month.

The month of October marks the beginning of the breast cancer awareness and it extends till October 31st. You must know that a pink ribbon is the international symbol used to promote this awareness. The pink ribbon and also the color pink to some extent are considered as a breast cancer awareness symbol and people wear the ribbon in several different ways.

They are giving you an option to flaunt the pink ribbon in many different ways as well. We have a large variety of products with the ribbon engraved on it. You can choose from pendants, urns, photo frames as well as packs of cards. You will be charmed by the uniqueness of all these products. Their products are designed by professionals who make it a point to provide every detailing to the product with immense precision.

Pink Awareness Ribbon Infinite Impression Cremation Urn

In order to celebrate the breast cancer awareness month, the products are available at a special discount of up to 70 % off. These awareness products will be available at the special discounted price for the entire month of October. It is a great opportunity for you to grab these exquisite products before stock clears out. Perfect Memorials has also decided to show support by making a monetary donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC. They are proud sponsors in the search for a cure and early prevention and early detection.

You can purchase these products for yourself and they are also perfect for gifting to someone. Isn’t it a great idea to remember loved ones with a tinge of good hope attached to it? These products are basically memorial items that are used to store memories of the deceased. Two causes attached to a single product make it all the more special.

Hurry up and start picking up your favorites from here.

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Coping with Your Pet’s Terminal Illness

Large Pewter Odyssey Paws Cremation Urn

Whether or not a pet becomes terminally ill from old age or from a sickness such as cancer or kidney failure, discovering that your dog or cat is terminally ill is devastating, especially if the animal is young. Even puppies can contract illnesses that are deadly, such as parvo viral syndrome or distemper, and when it becomes obvious that they are not going to recover, it is very difficult to face. However, when your pet does become ill and cannot recover, there are several things that you can do to both face this reality and make your animal as comfortable as possible during the short time you have left with them. Continue reading

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A Memorial Urn for a Hero Dog

Medium Rotating Memories Cremation Urn

Bruno was a police dog who had been trained to serve from the time he was very young. Like most German Shepherds, he was intelligent and hard-working, serving with a border patrol team for nearly ten years on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. His owner and handler saw him as not just a dog, but a partner and a friend as well. However, just before Bruno turned ten, tragedy struck on the border when Bruno was hit and killed by a man who was trying to flee from the border patrol in his van. In trying to protect his partner, this loyal dog gave his life in the line of duty. Continue reading

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How To Remember Your Best Friend With Large Dog Urns

Dog, Labrador, Black Sitting - Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

After the many years that you experienced with your pet and their loyalty and unconditional love, there is a time when a memorial is warranted. If you had a large dog, then large dog urns are the best choice for you. You do not have to get a larger urn; however, in order to memorialize your pet, there are good reasons why you should do so. While this is a sad time, choosing the right memorial can help you cope. Continue reading

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Green Choices

China Green/Pink Cloisonne Cremation Urn

More and more people are increasingly environmentally conscious. They seek to minimize the negative impact on the health of the Earth with responsible choices. This includes making “green” choices in end of life decisions. The embalming and burial process utilizes many hazardous chemicals, and emits a lot of carbon, not to mention rendering large amounts of ground unavailable for productive uses. Continue reading

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Urns For Cremated Remains

Sweet Baby Boy Music Box Cremation Urn

It is a heart breaking and sorrowful time for anyone to lose a family member or loved one. For those animal lovers, losing your favorite pet to death can be very difficult as well. Nothing can replace the loss of our loved ones but we can always remember them and cherish the wonderful memories with cremation urns. Continue reading

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