Coping with Your Pet’s Terminal Illness

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Whether or not a pet becomes terminally ill from old age or from a sickness such as cancer or kidney failure, discovering that your dog or cat is terminally ill is devastating, especially if the animal is young. Even puppies can contract illnesses that are deadly, such as parvo viral syndrome or distemper, and when it becomes obvious that they are not going to recover, it is very difficult to face. However, when your pet does become ill and cannot recover, there are several things that you can do to both face this reality and make your animal as comfortable as possible during the short time you have left with them.

Once you know there is no further treatment that can be offered by your vet, you should not waste time denying your pet’s eventual death; instead, you should spend extra time with it because later on, after it dies, you will regret that you wasted those last precious days. Spend extra time with your pet and if it is healthy enough, take it to its favorite spots for a few hours-a local park, a casual walk in the woods, or if it cannot do these things, spoil it a little with its favorite treats. Spending extra time with your pet will allow you to have closure and accept the end of its life, as difficult as it might be.

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Make arrangements for your pet if you know it can no longer live without pain. Some owners prefer to let nature take its course with a very old pet, but if it is in a great deal of pain, euthanasia should be considered. It is not an easy choice to have your pet put down, but if every day is agony for it, then it is the most humane choice. Your vet can advise you on when you should make the choice, how much it will cost, and what your options are for burial or cremation after the euthanasia takes place. Keeping your pet alive when it is in constant pain is never a kind act, and quality of life must always be considered. Facing your pet’s terminal illness is never easy, especially if it is young or has been a treasured friend for many years, but understanding the reality of its impending death and doing all you can will give you comfort and closure both before and after the passing.

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