Are there Cremation Keepsakes for Pets?

In the same way that there are many cremation keepsakes for humans such as jewelry and urns, there is a wealth of keepsake cremation urns on the market for pets as well.  Many people fall in love with their pets treating and valuing them as much as they would value any member of their family.  With this thought in mind, it is not surprising that many people want some type of cremation keepsakes upon the loss of their pet so that they have something to hold onto that carries the memory of their pet on.

One of the most popular types of cremation keepsakes are known as cremation jewelry.  These items come in every shape and size that you can imagine.  You can purchase little charms that are shaped like your pet in various breeds and designs depending on if you want to honor a dog, cat, lizard, parrot, horse, or any other type of animal that you may have had.  They also come in many varieties such as charms, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  This is so that when you are wearing keepsake cremation urns they blend in with your clothing choices and do not look out of the ordinary.

Regardless of what style or variety you choose, each has a small urn capsule built into it that can hold a small piece of your pets’ ashes.  This way you can fill the tiny urn and carry a piece of your pet everywhere you go.  Many people enjoy the comfort and closeness that this type of keepsake offers them given the fact it makes them feel as if they are always carrying a piece of their beloved pet with them even long after it has passed on.  The comfort that this type of piece can bring a person is unimaginable.

For those that are not quite ready to let go of their pet or want to recognize the large influence it had on their life, there is not a much better option than keepsake cremation urns.  Of course, you can still purchase a memorial urn to place in your home to recognize and honor the memory of your pet, but keepsake jewelry is about the closest that you can get to  your pet once it has moved on which is why the market has really taken off over the last few years.

There are even many spiritual pieces for those who believe in eternal salvation for their pets such as angles, crosses, and other religious symbols so that you can carry both your pet and your faith with you at all times.  Many people who are spiritually intoned enjoy this type of keepsake because it allows them to exercise too very important components of their personality at one time combining the best of both worlds.  Additionally, many cremation keepsakes are very small so that they can always be worn under a shirt without notice for days when you may not want to appear dressed up.

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