Cremation Urns for Sale

When Mike was a young child he lost his first pet and remembers feeling confused and sad for a much lengthier amount of time than most people would consider normal.  He remembered that while he knew his Dachshund was ill, it seemed that his dog had actually digressed and died quickly, within a week of when his parents had first mentioned that he may lose his pet.  The fact that haunted Mike for a year after the death was that he was gone the day of the death and never got to say goodbye, which as a child had felt wrong and devastating.

Although Mike had not realized it as a child, the reason that it took him so long to get over the loss of his pet was because he did not have a chance to get final closure on the matter.  Given the fact that his dog was here one day and gone when he got home he never felt as if the chapter had ended him leaving him to grieve for his pet much longer than was healthy.  Given this fact, Mike knew that when his children suffered their first loss of a pet he would look into pet urns for cremation so that the same thing would not happen to them.

Closure is a very important part of the grieving process, and although parent’s often feels that sheltering a pet’s death from them is the best way to proceed, for a child this can actually make the loss harder.  Children are not used to seeing the world in an abstract light, but instead only see black and white so when a pet disappears from their life it is hard for them to come to terms with this reality unless they have some type of proof.

It is this for this very reason that Mike decided that he would look at cremation urns for sale when it came time for one of his family’s pets to be buried, so that his children would have something and real and tangible to see before their eyes once it was a pet’s time.  This way they could work through their grief in a normal manner and reach closure at a much faster pace then he did.  Mike felt that his children would best get over the loss of a pet if they had something that recognized its passing.

In the same way, if you have a family pet that is nearing its time you may also want to take a look at urns for cremation in order to give your children the same type of blessing.  At the same time, you will be purchasing an item that will help honor your family pet’s memory and its meaning in your lives which is something that it is hard to place a value or significance on because most likely your pet has meant a great deal to your family that can never be fully expressed.

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