Green Choices

China Green/Pink Cloisonne Cremation Urn

More and more people are increasingly environmentally conscious. They seek to minimize the negative impact on the health of the Earth with responsible choices. This includes making “green” choices in end of life decisions. The embalming and burial process utilizes many hazardous chemicals, and emits a lot of carbon, not to mention rendering large amounts of ground unavailable for productive uses. The casket creation process uses many toxins and also contributes to the world’s carbon footprint. The casket is usually designed not to biodegrade and is the cement vault the casket is often placed in.

Many countries such as China and Japan only allow for cremation because land is so scarce and the environmental impact of traditional burial is simply too great. Large cities in the United States are also increasingly running out of burial space. The growing consensus around global warming and ever growing populations means that “green” end of life choices are likely to continue to grow in popularity.

Great Wall Green Cloisonne Cremation Urn

Environmentally inclined people are increasingly realizing that at the time of death loved ones find it difficult to think about seemingly abstract issues such as the carbon footprint and the environmental impact of burying toxins in the earth. Careful planners are making sure that instead of being buried their remains will be cremated.

Like everyone who makes end of life plans far in advance of their death, the environmentally minded can feel more confident their last wished will be respected because there are known and written down. They can even designate a particularly loved one to be in charge of overseeing the end of life process. This foresight allows people the peace of mind that even their exit from this world will be done with the health if the Earth in mind.

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