Have You Considered Funeral Urns?

Large Cedar Wood Cremation Urn

It may seem a bit crass to discuss financial considerations when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, however too often this is a big concern. Unexpected deaths, catastrophic medical problems and lack of planning can all lead to a huge problem for those left behind to make final arrangements. Embalming, caskets, funeral home fees and more can add up to several thousand dollars even for the simplest of funerals.

Hummingbird Bronze Cube Cremation Urn

Cremation can be a viable alternative for many families, whether it is financial concerns or simply a need for a simpler procedure. In addition to saving money on the casket, vault, burial and more, there are a variety of funeral urns to choose from. Some of the potential options include porcelain floor urns, decorative mantle funeral urns and much more, you can even have them custom made with your choice of color, material and inscription.

One beautiful option in funeral urns is a rose wood box with inscription and picture holder. These are a wonderful way to store your loved ones ashes while remembering them at their best!

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