How To Remember Your Best Friend With Large Dog Urns

Dog, Labrador, Black Sitting - Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

After the many years that you experienced with your pet and their loyalty and unconditional love, there is a time when a memorial is warranted. If you had a large dog, then large dog urns are the best choice for you. You do not have to get a larger urn; however, in order to memorialize your pet, there are good reasons why you should do so. While this is a sad time, choosing the right memorial can help you cope.

Why Go With A Large Urn?

When you choose to cremate your best friend, the amount of ashes will be much smaller than the actual size of your dog so why should you go with large dog urns as opposed to a regular size one? The first reason would be that you can remember your dog as the bigger pooch that it once was. Small dog urns could be used but they might not give you what you need.

Dog, Labrador, Yellow - Figurine Pet Cremation Urn

Life-size Pictures

When you go with the larger choices, you could include a life-size picture of your pooch. This will help you with the memorial as you will be looking at your best friend in its full size. It’s all about your taste and what you want to see when you memorialize your four legged friend. Going larger is simply more likely to remind you of him.

Preferred Shapes

The larger dog urns have different styles than the smaller ones. You can choose eagle urns or decorative ones in many different materials and structures. Some will give you animal figurines, butterfly patterns or geometrical shapes. Different materials can also be used that go from ceramic to glass all the way to metal and wood. Your choice is very important as the urn will be the final resting place of your best friend. Choose wisely.

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