Tips for Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Losing a pet can be a traumatic experience, especially for children who have never had to face the loss of a pet before in their lives.  It can be hard to explain to children that their pet has died, and even harder to know the right words to explain how to deal with the loss.  Many parents believe that their children will simply rebound, but due to the fact that a pet’s presence likely will stare back at every corner of the home sometimes giving a child something they can cling to helps sooth the grief.

For this reason there are many pet cremation urns available on the market, the most popular of which are dog cremation urns.  A dog is easily the best most popular household pet, which is why there are so many dog cremation urns to choose from.  Many people choose urns that show a clear resemblance of their passed pet in order to appropriately allow their children to make the connection.  Urns that have statues, pictures, or even such as inscriptions such as the pet’s names are usually the best choice for this purpose.

In fact, there are even dog cremation urns now that feature digital picture slide shows so that you can see your pet in the best light every time you pass by.  Children in particular will find this type of urn enticing and it will help them acknowledge that while their pet is gone the animal still holds a place in their heart.  Over time viewing this type of object will help them gain closure on the death of the pet and start to move forward with the idea of embracing a new animal to let into their lives much like the way adults are prepared for loss.

Dogs are not the only pets that cremation urns are created to help honor however, as you may also want to think about purchasing a cat cremation urn if your beloved pet was a cat.  Children and adults both face the same grief when a cat passes away, especially due to the fact that many cats can live well into their twenties meaning that they have been a part of your life for over a quarter of it.  With this in mind, a cat cremation urn can be the perfect way to honor their contribution to your life.

Cat cremation urns also come in many different styles and shapes and can contain photos, inscriptions, and even statues of cats that resemble your beloved pet.  One of the most popular styles is a cremation urn that has a cat lying on the top as if they were sunning themselves on a rug which helps bring back fond memories of your pet every time the urn catches your eye.  If you have lost a pet take a minute to look at your choices and likely you will find one that simply captures your pet’s essence and lets you know it’s the right choice.

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