More People Sharing Burial Space with Pets than Humans

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It was recently in the Canadian Press that people are choosing more and more to share their burial space with their pets over other humans. Over two million people throughout the United States have opted to be buried in pet urns or pet cemeteries with their furry friends because they felt that they were the only friends that truly understood them.

There are over a half million pet cemeteries throughout the US that accept human remains in their gates. In the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery alone, it is estimated that over 700 people have joined the 75,000 pets buried in America’s first and oldest pet cemetery. In many cases, people that have more than one pet will choose to have their pets cremated as well as themselves. When they pass, they will split their ashes amongst their pet urns so that they can be together in death as well as in life.

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Most of the inscriptions on the tiny headstones of people and pets buried in the pet cemetery do not even mention the names of the humans. As cremation is still relatively new compared to burials, many feel that the reason for sharing a pet urn is so that they will not be alone in the afterlife. There are many scary thoughts associated with death and dying. Anything that can make the thought a little easier, many people will do. That includes being cremated and sharing a pet urn.

If people want to be buried in a cemetery with, their pet, most pet cemeteries require that the human be cremated so that they do not take up any more space than their pet would. To save even more room, many opt to share the urn as well.

Recently, there has been speculation as to whether the human remains should be moved to a traditional cemetery. There is nothing that says that a human can be in the pet cemetery, but there is nothing that says they cannot be in the pet cemetery as well.

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