Various Types of Pet Cremation Urns

In the same way that there are many varieties of animals that people purchase as pets, there are also many pet cremation urns on the market created to help celebrate the life of a pet.  Each of these different types of cremation urns for pets is beautiful and designed to help you find closure after a pet’s loss.  Regardless of the type of pet that you have kept, it no doubt has held a large significance in your life and as such you should choose the right type of pet urn in order to memorialize it.

It is unlikely a surprise that one of the most popular types of cremation pet urns are for dogs, given the fact that dogs are the most common family pets.  With this in mind, there are many different types of dog cremation pet urns ranging from granite urns to life-sized urns that bear a resemblance to the beloved pet to even modern digital photo dog urns so that you can celebrate the life of your pet every time you take a minute to look over at the pet urn.

Another very popular type of pet cremation urns are cat urns.  These types of cremation urns for pets also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Many people choose designs with cats laying across the lid to symbolize your passed cat or more traditional designs made out of wood materials such as hardwood, oak, or maple to give the cremation pet urns a bit more of a classic look.  Those that are more spiritual may be drawn to cremation pet urns with angels featured on the brass or metal material to symbolize hope and salvation for the passed pet.

Outside of these traditional cremation pet urns, there are many other urns created for those who have more divergent pets leading to innovation within the cremation pet urns market and for accommodating choices for those who have suffered a pet loss that is outside the realms of traditional.  For example, lizard urns are very popular and are often painted in red given that red is a significant color for a lizard standing for both nourishment and their sexual appeal.  Many lizard owners find that these types of cremation pet urns allow them to smile as they remember their lizard when they gaze upon it.

Parrot and horse urns are also extremely popular types of pet urns designed to honor the memory of these precious pets as well.  These animals are known as some of the most intelligent and spirited animals which usually leads to pet cremation urns that are also brilliantly colorful and spirited.  While you may not think of an urn as spirited, bright designs and clever inscriptions can help recreate the essence and power that your pet held in your life also bringing a smile onto your face when you look at it.

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