Star Trek Cremation Urns

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Thousands of Star Trek fans are giving the Star Trek motto- “A Final Frontier”- a completely new meaning. With Star Trek cremation urns, you can now, “boldly go where no man has ever gone before.” There are two different designs of these cube shapes cremation urns. One says “To boldly go”, while the other states, “the voyage continues.” The company that creates these Star trek urns wants to make it known that by purchasing one of these cremation urns, you will not be launched into space like the recently deceased Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek or James “Scotty” Doohan whose ashes were launched into space.

The CEO of the company that created these Star Trek cremation urns recently told AOL News that the reason that the company chose to make these novelty urns was to make the process of selecting an urn a little less painful. By being able to immediately spot an urn that has a relation to something the deceased showed interest in makes the already painful process of selecting a cremation urn a little easier. If there is an urn available that signifies something that the recently deceased enjoyed, such as Star Trek, it is easer to make a decision, at a glance, as to which urn would best suit your needs.

Clark 12 Gauge Steel Urn Burial Container

These Star Trek cremation urns are made of composite materials on the inside as well as a metal shell of a box. They are strong and durable. They have a design on the front of the cube of the Star Trek Voyager ship. What do most consider being the best part of the Star Trek cremation urn? The white flecks incorporated on the inside design of the cube urn. It was created this way to look like a star field, like what you would see on the real Voyager. The company hopes to create more novelty cremation urns like this to help the grieving loved one make an easier decision of how to keep their loved one’s cremated remains. They hope to make urns for many popular hobbies and television shows in the near future.

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