Choosing Funeral Urns for a Funeral

Bronze Chest Insert - Engravable

Death is inevitable and it is certain to occur. Nobody is ever prepared for it and the thought of death rattles people. When a loved one passes on, we normally want to give them the best send off. Some of the relatives and family members might leave their wishes on how they would want to be buried. In the past burial was the most respectable send off to a loved one, however in the recent times people have started diverting from the norm and prefer cremation services. Continue reading

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Creative Ways of Immortilizing Yourself

Brushed Brass Urn Medallion

Funerary market is one of the largest industries these days with so many baby boomers getting older and starting to pass on. Because there is a growing need for creative funeral and cremation services people are finding more and more creative ways to immortalize themselves instead of going with a traditional funeral urn. Many of these creative immortalizations are very unusual. Continue reading

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