What Type of Cremated Urns is on the Market for Pets?

When it comes to a pet’s passing, the time is usually filled with a great deal of grief and sadness, especially due to the fact that most owner’s most make the painful decision of when is the right time to let a pet go.  However, you can help make this time easer by planning ahead and taking a look at what type of cremated urns are on the market so that you are prepared for the death and do not have to deal with any extra stresses when it happens.  There are many types of cremated urns available, but to help you out here is a brief overview of the most popular types.

The first type of cremated urns are made out of wood and are easily the most common choice among pet owners because of their traditional look and classic fit into a home.  Wooden cremated urns come in oak, cedar, pine, and many other types of wood.  Usually they have room and space for engraving if you wish to place your pet’s name onto the urn and allow space for a poem or photo if you wish to make it even more customized to your pet.

Stone and ceramic pet urns are also another classic choice because they are much more beautiful and make great decorative options if you want the pet urns to glide into the background of your mantle.  Usually these come in a great deal of colors and a large variety shapes depending on the size of your pet and the size of urn that you have in mind.  You will have to keep in mind that stone and ceramic urns will weigh much more than wooden cremated urns so it is vital that you have a sturdy shelf or area to place them on.

More delicate cremated urn choices for those who want something truly stunning to celebrate their pet’s memory with are glass cremated urns.  These are usually quite stunning, but often very fragile so it is important that you have a safe and sturdy place for this type of urn in your home.  If you have young children in the home this may not be the best choice unless you have a sheltered place to keep it because even a thick glass urn can chip if they are dropped from a large distance.

Finally, the last common cremated urn choices is metal, and often times these are the most plain but are still quite fitting to honor a pet’s memory.  These are usually much less fragile than their counterparts and thus make excellent choices if your house is bustling with activity.  Although when it comes down to it you will still grieve over the loss of your pet, being prepared allows you the luxury of having something to find comfort in which will mean a lot when the time finally does come.

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