Unique Cremation Urns Discovered in Britain

Soaring Free Eagle Cremation Urn

After 15 years of scouring the grounds of his building sites before constructing anything a British builder was amazed to discover that his metal detector had unearthed an ancient burial ground. The lucky builder, Steve Blair, stated that he loves history and had always hoped that he might someday hit upon something that would point to the past, but he still never expected to find more than the pennies he usually unearthed.

However, at the beginning of November his metal detector alerted him to the presence of metal after which he found three metal cremation urns that dated back to the Roman Period and the Iron Age. After he alerted local authorities a professional archaeology team was brought in that found an additional 19 cremation urns.

Genuine Teakwood Marble Cremation Urn

Blair was able to locate the cremation urns in a field that was disheveled so that a new pipeline oculd be laid. He said that amazingly enough he had only been surveying the area for about twenty minutes before the metal detector alerted him to the presence of something. He said that he found the first urn and then when he saw a bone inside immediately called in archeologists.

Leader of the professional team sent to investigate the area, Tim Allen, said that it looks to be a large burial ground that was discovered which is exciting because that means there is a good chance that nearby there will be a big settlement.

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